Expert Advice for Succeeding in PLSE Paper 3

Expert Advice for Succeeding in PLSE Paper 3

Oral and listening comprehension with multiple-choice questions makes up Paper 3. In addition, students are assessed on their ability to communicate in Chinese as well as their capacity to respond to questions based on audio recording material. 

The reading of texts and the interaction with the oral examiners based on video stimulation make up the two parts of the oral examination.

Here are some exercises our secondary Chinese Tutor Singapore suggests to help you talk with more assurance in oral presentations and enhance your listening comprehension:

Practise speaking Mandarin in your everyday life 

Practice makes perfect! Make an attempt to speak Chinese for at least an hour every day to help you practice your flows and tones if you want to speak it fluently. There are no shortcuts; it is the only way to improve speaking the language.

You can discover Chinese news videos on YouTube and mouth along with the newscaster to learn how to pronounce particular nouns and words. Additionally, you can hone your listening abilities by tuning into the Chinese radio station!

Practise your speech and conversation with a tutor 

Students who don’t provide enough information to start or maintain a meaningful dialogue with the examiner during oral conversation are frequently penalised.

Our higher Chinese tuition centre advises students to discuss their thoughts on the video that was played and to go into more detail about the positives and negatives of the scenario depicted. You can go into more detail about the event’s effects, and it will be even better if you can tie the video’s content to your own experiences or the lives of people you know. Finally, as a way to wrap up the discussion, share your thoughts on the video. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are presenting your views to the oral examiners logically!

Students frequently say that they don’t have someone with whom to practice the Mandarin language on a daily basis and that it is awkward for them to practice with their friends since they lack the confidence to do so.

To practice your speech and conversation, looking for an experienced O Level Chinese tutor would be a good idea. Numerous of our tutors have assisted their students in maintaining strong conversational abilities, which has improved their performance on Chinese exams.

Find the Support You Need

Put the advice above into practice as you practice your Chinese. Learning a language and getting better at it requires a long marathon of “stamina” building that starts in primary school.

You can think about looking for assistance from an accomplished O Level Chinese tutor if you’re having trouble with Chinese! Your grasp of the language can be significantly improved by taking Chinese courses. Near the tests, you might ask for intense classes that are tailored to help you improve your Chinese skills. O Level Chinese tutors also give their students the previous year’s exam and preliminary paper results from different institutions!

Excellent O Level Chinese grades may help you obtain a lower L1R5, increasing your chances of being accepted into the JC of your choice. On the other hand, if Chinese is your strongest subject and you have a natural language talent, you can also consider enrolling in Higher Chinese since passing the course will exempt you from taking the A Level Chinese exam!

We must master our mother tongue well to make ourselves proficient and capable of receiving greater opportunities in the future. Chinese is now regarded as an essential language due to China’s pronounced presence in the business world (even the former President of America, Barack Obama, picked up Chinese as a second language!).