How to transform your brand with local marketing vault techniques?

How to transform your brand with local marketing vault techniques?

Local Marketing Vault is a done-for-you local citation building and monitoring service by Citation Vault. It focuses specifically on building high-quality local citations and reviewing existing citations to ensure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is consistent across top directories, review sites, and local listings. The program is designed to establish your Google My Business and Apple Maps listings as well as build additional citations on sites. It greatly improves how customers find you locally when they search on Google, Apple Maps, or other sites.

Benefits of the program

  1. Increased local rankings – By building consistent NAP citations across directories, review sites, and local listings, Local Marketing Vault can improve your local SEO ranking on Google and Apple Maps. This makes it easier for nearby customers to find your business.
  2. Richer listings – Not only does the program create listings, but it also enhances them with photos, videos, descriptions, and other pertinent information when possible. 
  3. Listing monitoring – Local Marketing Vault monitors your top listings on an ongoing basis to ensure your NAP remains consistent. If discrepancies come up that could hurt local rankings, they get fixed.
  4. Listing corrections – If the program finds duplicate listings with incorrect information, the Local Marketing Vault team will recommend and implement merge and deletion requests. This further helps with consistency.
  5. Review generation – Positive online reviews are extremely important for local search rankings. This Vault stimulates genuine reviews through review generation campaigns.

Evaluating local marketing vault

An evaluation of the Local Marketing Vault program, including Local Marketing Vault, here are some key factors to consider: 

  • Listing accuracy – Does the program have effective processes to ensure accuracy as listings get built? Local Marketing Vault incorporates manual verification and technology tools for high accuracy. 
  • Duplicate suppression – How does the service handle duplicate listings that could confuse customers or divide reviews/rankings? Local Marketing Vault actively monitors and merges/removes duplications.
  • Listing enhancement – Beyond just creating listings, what enrichment features are included? Local Marketing Vault enhances listings with photos, videos, offers, and more. 
  • Monitoring/alerts – How often do they check existing listings for inconsistencies and errors? Local Marketing Vault monitors sites continuously and provides alerts for discrepancies.
  • Corrections automation – Can the service automatically correct inconsistencies when found or do they just provide notifications/recommendations? Local Marketing Vault uses proprietary correction workflows to automatically fix certain field discrepancies. 
  • Review generating – Does the program help stimulate authentic online reviews to improve rankings and credibility? Local Marketing Vault incorporates managed review generation campaign features.

Getting set up with a local marketing vault

  1. Initial call – Have an in-depth discussion with their team to map out goals, get technical details for listings set up, and outline expectations. 
  2. Onboarding form – Provide essential information like primary listing addresses, existing accounts, and billing details to expedite setup.
  3. Listings audit – Local Marketing Vault will audit existing listings to assess the current situation and optimize the program.
  4. Program activation – With everything lined up, Local Marketing Vault kicks off citation building, enhancement, and monitoring based on priorities.
  5. Performance reviews – Along the way, regular performance reviews help assess meaningful metrics around rankings, reviews, and more to showcase progress. 

As the optimized local listings get established and enhanced over subsequent months, you should start to see noticeable improvements in local visibility and engagement. If you serve customers in a defined geographic area, prioritizing Local Marketing Vault strategies with other local tactics should become an essential piece of your overall marketing plan. When local consumers are searching for businesses to meet their needs, you want your brand to stand out right in the heart of your community.