SAT Exam Tips 2022

SAT Exam Tips 2022

It doesn’t matter if you are a topper or the last learner, everyone wants to score well at some point. These tips will help you only when you are enthusiastic enough about putting in your time and to sacrifice the distracting activities for some time. Here are some extremely useful tips to help you in preparing for SAT exam (เตรียมสอบ SAT, which is the term in Thai):

5 Best Tips For SAT Preparation

·        Syllabus Analysis.

The first step of preparing for SAT exam starts with an analysis of your syllabus. It takes 2-3 hours just to go through the chapters. Note down difficult chapters on one side and easy ones on another. Make a rough sketch of how much time a single chapter would take and it will help you to determine how much time it will take to complete the whole syllabus.

·       Make A Proper Schedule

The most important task for students is how they can make a timetable. Time management is a skill that can be beneficial in the long run as well. You must identify whether you want to study at night or during the day. Many students prefer the day whereas some prefer the night. So make a schedule accordingly.

·       Make Notes By Yourself

Notes are the best source for studying. There are readymade notes available at bookstores. But making notes by yourself helps you to memorize better. In this process, you are scanning them several times which makes it easier. You can understand your language more simply than bookish language.

·        Take Proper Breaks

The human body also needs rest, so while studying one must not stick to it continuously. You must take short breaks because they help in freshening up the mind and help in thinking properly. If you do not take a break, the mind will just slow down and keep messing up things.

·        Take Care Of Your Health

If you are not well then how are you supposed to prepare for the exam properly? You do not want to miss your exam as well. Avoid eating too much junk food, drink as much water as you can, eat light food during the night, and have a good breakfast. Make time to do activities that help ease your mind.

After implementing these few tips while preparing for your SAT exams, you will be all set to score well without compromising your mental or physical health. These tips are the basic steps that can make a huge difference without messing with your brain. So start preparing for SAT exam. All the best!