Things To Remember Before Studying In Thailand

Things To Remember Before Studying In Thailand

You’re probably reading this blog because you’re planning to go for higher studies in Thailand or are already on your way to the country. However, here are a few things you need to know about studying in Thailand.

1. The TCAS Exam

TCAS or Thai University Admission System is an exam conducted to ensure that the students applying for education in Thai universities have passed the phase of secondary education before taking any general test. Secondly, once you appear for the TCAS exam, you’ll not have to appear separately for individual college entrance exams. The TCAS exam or admission system is renowned on a worldwide level.

Also, the TCAS exam makes the entire enrollment process easy and efficient. It makes admissions to universities seamless for both the university and the students. The best thing you can do after qualifying for the exam is to apply TCAS score to Mahidol University (ยื่น TCAS มหิดล, which is the term in Thai).

2. Learn To Adjust According To Thai Time.

It would be best if you always reach your college, university or office 10-15 minutes earlier. It shows a sign of respect towards your superiors and you as a caring & responsible student/employee.

You can spend these 10-15 minutes learning more about your friends or co-workers. It is effective in building bonds and strong relationships with your colleagues. You can get to know your friends on a much personal level. Thai culture is the only culture that allows you to communicate and bond with your employees or friends rather than jumping straight into classes.

3. Hang Out And Know The Locals

The sole purpose of studying overseas is to know the foreign culture and people even more closely. So, get out of your comfort zone and mingle with the people of Thailand. Visit new places with your university friends after classes and explore the city. Learn the beautiful Thai language and experience something new in your life. No one in Thailand cares if you’re a foreigner or a local. All they care about is having unforgettable conversations.

Apply TCAS score to Mahidol university before you miss the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful country and an excellent university.

4. Have Healthy Discussions And Conversations With Your Professors

Communicating with professors is another vital thing to do when in Thailand universities.

Enjoy your time in Thailand to the fullest, live the most and experience unique things in your university and the city. Applying and studying abroad is easy, but you’ll have to adapt to the new culture and environment on your own and make it memorable.